The students in Writing, Reporting and Ethics took these pictures to represent their weekend. 

Kristine's was the photo of the man performing in Little Tokyo. "He's there performing every weekend." Kristine says that this performer has been on America's Got Talent. 

Monica works as the worship coordinator at a Church called Shepherd of the Hills, where she entertains kids with videos, coordinates plays, and teaches them bible study. "It's a lot for [the kids], it's fun."

My picture is the one where I'm climbing on rocks. Some of my floormates and I have a bike race this saturday, and we trained by checking out the Chatsworth resevoir. We saw coyotes and places to climb, but there was no water in the resevoir.
AllYourBass and I worked on this together. 

Want to impress your friends, or just be able to get away from the cops faster? Use this tutorial to learn how to jump over an obstacle, specifically a garbage can. 

What you’ll need:

A Garbage Can
An enthused onlooker
Reliable footwear

  1. Stretch. This is somewhat optional.
  2. Get your friend to hold your bag.
  3. Balance your Tchai. What’s Tchai? It doesn’t matter, just tell yourself you’re balanced.
  4. Start at a reasonable distance. To get enough speed, I suggest starting at least 20 feet away on even ground.
  5. Start running. Use natural but long strides.
  6. Launch.
  7. Land. Don’t forget this one.
  8. Prepare for jerks to say “I would have laughed so hard if you tripped.” This happens pretty much every time.
Congratulations, you are now a BAMF. 

I wonder what it's like to be a street Vendor? Venice Beach would be a great place to interview. For now, I have a representative of the Two Trees design company at Matador Mall at California State University, Northridge.
Los Angeles might not have the bike-friendliest of streets, but it has a thriving rider culture. 

Tuesday nights there is a group of people who get together in a Vons parking lot and ride for miles. It's a highly social activity, with plenty of stops at liquor stores and bars, and it's called Tuesday Night Special. 

I decided one night to go just to meet new people and kill time, but I didn't realize that this night could turn me to view bicycling as a passion. The most exciting part of the night was, of course, the ride. The group took up a whole car lane, dressed in bright colors and waving at cars. Going downhill was like riding a leg-powered roller coaster; it was so fast and just a little dangerous. To go so fast though the partially-lit streets powered only by your adrenaline is more than exhilarating. 

Now I bike everywhere I go. I don't even need a car when I have the uninhibited speed and swiftness of a two-wheeler. I don't need to pay for parking, gas or insurance, and I get karma points from the environment. Now I consider myself a passionate bicyclist, and I bring other people to these night rides to try to awaken their passions.